As we are sure some of you know, 76 Pleasant Street has closed for good. We didn’t know that March 15, 2020 would be our last day of operation and tried our best to hold on as long as we could. Reality however, forced our hand and and we had no choice but to sell. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our friends and neighbors who helped and encouraged us through the early days and put us on the map. It has been an honor and a privilege to share our home and to be part of your lives and celebrations. We will miss the warmth of your company, the sound of laughter and relationships formed over the years. We are proud of our legacy and hope we gave good stewardship to the wonderful Judge Jones House. We are confident that the new owners will continue the high standards we worked hard to maintain and will be a worthy addition to our community.
With love,
Bret and Amy Baker
P.S. If you are holding gift certificates, write to 76pleasantst@gmail.com for instructions on reimbursement.

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